Burma Mergui Archipelago Yacht Cruising Guide: Bo Cho

This island is one of the few places in the Mergui where you are guaranteed to come across the Moken Sea Gypsies. There is a permanent Moken village on the northern side of Bo Cho along the side of the channel between Bo Cho and Lampi Island.

This village started was established about 30 years ago as a place for the nomadic Moken to dump the aged members of their tribe who could no longer manage their nomadic lifestyle. Over a period of time the nature of the village evolved, initially as a trading post for sea cucumbers destined for China via the town of Mergui in the northern Archipelago. The trading role of the village has grown dramatically over the last 10 years Read More …

Burma’s Mergui Archipelago – The Moken Sea Gypsies

The indigenous people of Burma’s Mergui Archipelago are the Moken. These gentle, peaceful people are a source of complete fascination to anthropologists as they still cling to their traditional nomadic, hunter-gatherer existence despite attempts to settle them in permanent villages. Traditionally the Moken do not fish. They are hunter-gatherers mainly living off shellfish collected in the inter-tidal zone. They also free dive for shell fish and sea cucumbers, sometimes diving to amazing depths ballasted by large stones tied to their waists. The Moken also occasionally hunt wild boar and small deer in the forest with the aid of their dogs. Read More …

Sailing Yacht Asia Releases an Online Cruising Guide to Burma’s Mergui Archipelago

 New Online Cruising Guide for Burma’s Mergui Archipelago

Burma's Mergui Archipelago Cruising Guide

Burma’s Mergui Archipelago off the west coast of Burma (Myanmar) is a fabulous yacht cruising ground with over 850 tropical islands spread over fourteen thousand square miles of Indian Ocean. The islands are mountainous,and jungle covered with thriving wildlife, spectacular waterfalls that tumble directly onto white sandy beaches fringed by coral reefs. There are hardly any tourists  and indigenous tribes with an exotic culture who live nomadic lives aboard their tiny boats.

Sailing Yacht Asia has now released an online cruising guide for the Mergui Archipelago which can be found here: Burma’s Mergui Archipelago Cruising Guide This guide is based on the author’s 20 years of experience in the region and contains detailed information, customised hand drawn charts, anchorage information and a kaleidoscope of stunning photography. 

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